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Pisces: The Twelfth Sign Of The Zodiac



Pisces Symbol and History

The word Pisces means “fish” in latin. The pisces symbol consists of two fish tied together swimming in opposite directions. In Roman mythology it was said that the two fish represent Venus and Cupid who transformed themselves into fish in order to escape the monster Typhon. This symbol originated from the Babylonians. They saw the constellation as a fish joined by a cord. Two crescent moons with a line that connects them, representing two mindsets with a connection between them. Pisceans have a constant struggle with going back and forth between fantasy and reality. They’re looking for a way to escape their mind. They have such a large emotional capacity sometimes it’s hard for them to take it all in and then know what to do.

Stars In Pisces

The Constellation of pisces lies in the northern sky. It is the 14th largest constellation overall. There are many stars within the pisces constellation but two of the largest ones are Alpherg Eta Piscium and Alrescha Alpha Piscium.

Alpherg Eta Piscium

Alpherg Eta Piscium is the brightest star in pisces. It is 350 light years away and 457 times more luminous than the sun. This star is approximately 220 million years old. The name Alpherg means “the spout” or “the outpouring of water”. This star was originally named Kullat Nunu. Nunu meaning fish and kullat meaning the cord used to tie the fish together.

Alrescha Alpha Piscium

The Alrescha Alpha Piscium was seen as the knot of the rope that tied the two fish together. It is 139 light years away from the solar system and 31 times brighter than the sun. The name Alrescha is arabic for “the well rope” This star is also known as Kaltain Okda. Okda is the arabic word for knot.

Characteristics of Pisceans


Pisces and Friendships

Pisces is considered the most emotional sign of the zodiac. They have a large emotional capacity and a big heart for everyone. They're the type of people who always put others first before themselves. Pisceans are always there to help others without expecting anything in return. They’re full of empathy. When it comes to being friends with a pisces they’re very gentle, caring and they will always be there ready to listen no matter what the situation is. They will be your shoulder to cry on.

Pisces and Relationships

When it comes to being in a relationship with a pisces they’re most definitely the affectionate and romantic type. Pisceans aren’t known for being in short-term relationships. They’re in search for their soulmate. They’re very loyal and would much rather be in a long-term relationship that actually means something to them. Pisceans love feeling loved and being in love so they take romantic partners seriously. They’re very caring and generous with their partner and want to make sure they feel loved at all times.


Pisces and Career

When it comes to Pisceans and their career they’re not focused as much on the money as they are on achieving their dreams and goals. They would rather have a lower paying job if that meant they got to achieve their dream of becoming who they truly want to be. Pisceans are empathetic and compassionate when it comes to their career. They have an amazing work ethic.


Pisceans are amazing friends and lovers. Their naturally caring personality makes them someone you want to be around. Pisceans can be very emotional and sensitive at times, but it's only because they have a big heart.

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