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Handcrafted, Natural and Earth Friendly Mind and Body Care Products

Giving energy and life to an idea is a true passion of ours. There are endless possibilities to creating art with the gifts of the natural world. That is what my husband Johnny and I do, here on my families farm in Ohio. 


Johnny and I have always found a sense of harmony and blance in nature, and from that love Katie Mae Naturals was born. We aim to bring you the same sense of well being that comes from being connected with the natural world. We design and choose our goods to sell with the intention to help you break away from the everyday stress of today's society, and connect once again with the uplifting energy of nature. 🌿

 We strongly believe in the physical and metaphysical healing properties of nature. Stones and plants have wisdom for us, if we listen! Our Earth has given us the tools to heal spiritually, physically, and vibrationally. We do our best to give descriptions of these energies, and what they can do for you if they are used with intention. We grow many of the herbs used in our products organically here on the farm, or wild harvest from our property. 

We are true makers (with maybe too many ideas 😉), and started our business with just a handful of handmade items. We put in countless hours to bring our creative ideas to life, and are extremely grateful and humbled by the success we have found.  As our business has grown we've added more products that align with our values and beliefs, like our ethically sourced crystals and gemstones collection.

Johnny and I have a deep respect for our beautiful planet and take sustainability seriously. There is no planet B. We all must do what we can in order to save the natural world so that we may continue to benefit from all of her gifts. Many small acts together CAN and WILL create big change. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, check out our Sustainability Efforts page!

    I truly believe that life takes us where we're supposed to go, and the universe brought you right here! 

    Thank you for visiting! We are Forever Grateful❤